Master slave chatroom

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Bio:born in the eighties, justin is very distasteful of the new trends and values older days, even those long before his time.

Blessed with a strong metabolism that keeps his body fit and strong, he is allowed to let his diet and activities vary to extensive borders without trouble or worry.

We will also do shows on private platforms, also price negotiated.

Master/slave is a model of communication where one device or process has unidirectional control over one or more other devices.

Has large hands with calloused knuckles but soft palms.

Wears a simple snug black tee shirt and blue jeans with black shoes, held up by a worn black leather belt.

((If I may please join))Name: Akiko Race: human Age: 12Gender: female Sexuality: straight Preferred Collars: orange, yellow, blue Preferred Charms: heart, book Personality: Very emotional and dramatic, she loves a challenge.

We are a real-time, real life couple living in a 24/7 BDSM Master/slave relationship. We have a huge variety of interests ranging from mild to pretty hardcore.

She: 23, 5'1, 125lbs, 36C, shaved/waxed, long blonde hair, hazel/green eyes and a HUGE libido. Very obedient and submissive to her Master she will be any kind of slut she's told to be and love every minute of it.

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