Maria bello and brendan fraser dating

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As the mother of a toddler you can see how having three kids can put a strain on a relationship, and they were probably having other issues that were complicated by this possible on-set flirtation.

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Simply because in the movies, which is all I use it for, you can't do one style. But at least I do all my different kicks in martial arts styles; I don't practice my ballet kicks anymore.

Fraser has three children with his estranged wife, Afton Smith.

They have three boys: Griffin Arthur, 5, Holden Fletcher, 3, and Leland, 21 months.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is more than a rumor and if these two are a new couple.

Maria Bello is shown at the 7th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview on 1/10/08.

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