Machine slow when kasperky is updating international dating site totally

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" I've never heard anything bad about kaspersky labs since that incident. But wait the security program from kaspersky DOES THIS with 32. If anyone having problem with their mouse showing busy signal is because kaspersky is checking on updates automatically and to frequent. kaspersky is an antivirus software that also has firewall and other web security features.So to stop the update and busy signal mouse from showing up is to set the update in kaspersky to manual instead of auto. AVP is the main process and it can't be force closed through Task Manager nor Process explorer.i have prepared the new server and installed the kaspersky 10 .. but how i can upgrade the agents on the client computers and will this be automated ??Sometimes your Kaspersky Lab product may suddenly display a red protection status that warns you about obsolete databases.It is designed to protect users from malware and is primarily designed for computers running Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, though a version for Linux is available for business consumers.i have an existing kaspersky 6 server and i want to upgrade to kaspersky 10 ...I did not have Kaspersy loaded but when I did install Kaspersky, yes there was a file with the same name in the program folder, too. The previous one I am sure is malicious, but if it lives in Kaspersky it is part of the program....I still have virus/worm trouble atm and Kaspasky is finding a few resident, but one of them just killed Kaspersky dead.

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