Lunar days dating sim cheats

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She is a bit sickly, but she doesn't let her poor health get in her way too much.=Unlock Raine= Buy a lot of roses from Aiden's flower shop, he should at some point give you a shovel.I increased text box sizes, so hopefully no one gets that anymore. Aiden has 3 because *cough* spoiler *cough* he doesn't have a parallel self in Karina's world because that's actually where he belongs.So if you end the game with Aiden without getting far enough into the relationship, he'll just stay there while you go home..

He's cocky and flirty, but also seems to actually have manners. Even though he had a lot of involvement in the introduction, he is an unlockable character. One day, when you go there you'll see Veon having been caught by Terrance and Elias, then you get the option of staying with Elias or Veon, choose staying with Veon (go to farther outskirts, there's a house that's were you find him).

He can be very forward about how he feels and is also unlockable.

=Unlock Clyde= Overwork yourself (choose the work option when you don't have any HP) at the shop.

You get the option of siding with either Terrance or Elias. Find the red marker (Click on the blue bowl on West Street) and go to South Outskirt and click on the place where the bird drawing is. (If you stay with Elias, Veon is no longer unlockable) Raise Elias' affection to Soulmate level and then start paying attention to Aiden or Fidel. Likes: Harmonica, Terry the Toaster The clumsy police officer who just can't seem to do anything right. When you go on your first date with him,there will be a cutscene in which he will tell you his past.

He makes everybody around him wonder why he's an officer in the first place and awes them by how freakishly tall he is. Likes: Project Toaster, Puzzle Cube A bounty hunter who works with Elias.

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