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Easy communication and interaction are one of the few blessings that modern day technology has brought to the world.From traditional telephones to the modern day world of holographic meetings and conferences, the world has stepped onto the next level of communication.In the contact center, there is a lot of emphasis placed on first call resolution.With good reason, too: Customers who don’t get their issues addressed will call again, raising support costs.Video chat is dramatically more memorable, however, since it engages customers on the human level; the Customer Care Institute found that over this same three-day period, those who chatted with a company by video remembered the interaction 95% of the time. As with any new technology, the devil is in the details.Choose wisely when rolling out video chat functionality, because many unified communications (UC) solutions don’t come with encryption or quality-of-service guarantees.This gives you the time to stand out among the crowd and differentiate your customer service like Amazon did with its Kindle e-readers and its in-app video chat support, Mayday.

Once established in a work culture, video chat can substantially boost collaboration and information sharing for your company. Instead, with video chat, seasoned employees can more easily serve as mentors and provide guidance when new employees have a question or need direction. Incorporating video chat sets your business apart from your competition While a fifth of top global businesses might be rolling out video chat by 2018, right now most are not.

Costly sales meetings can be reduced by replacing some of these meetings with video calls, and internal meetings conducted over group video chat can greatly reduce the need for bringing together remote teams. Employee training and collaboration make a huge leap forward Video chat not only cuts your costs by requiring less internal face-to-face meetings, it also lowers the bar for these meetings.

Instead of using costly in-person meetings, video chat opens up lines of communication by making it easy for quick, pointed “virtual” meetings.

This means that you will have lower contact center costs.

At the same time, video chat cuts costs internally through the reduction of travel expenses.

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