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Your still my number one and I'm still watching MY GIRL till this time. Looks, Height, Money,fame, Family, Character and that smile that could launch a thousand heart. i can say that he is truly gorgeous..his role in My Girl and Scent of a Woman..to see him being again paired with Lee Da Hae and Kim Sun Ah.... Dong wook sshhhii..are the most goodlooking and best korean actor. After I saw "My Girl" I was captivated by his amazing acting. i loved all ur roles especially the one with kim sun ah the scent of woman i cried alot but it is ok i fall in love with that drama i'm a big fan of u.

Lee Dong Wook is one of the Korean actor i admired..to Cha Seung Won... Here's wishing u all the best in your future life from all the MANIPURI fans of yours....saranghaeyo. because u have such beutiful eyes and red lips and very good skin. u act very well and i am crazy about u in actually i want see u at once in my life oh my god really sranghaeo oppa i watched all ur work what can i say u inspire me.

after so many heavy, death-plentiful shows with a mix of crying and fear and generally being overwhelmed in a good way, whatever on earth or in the universe they have Lee Dong Wook playing/doing, it certainly will be refreshing and thankfully not so heart-stabbing like Bubblegum! i hope you and lee da hae are dating in a real life lol. Had been finished watching a very beautiful drama 'Hotel King' again!!! Though I only watched a few of his works he deserves recognition from the industry. Lee dong wook will have another korean tv drama series with her leading lady miss lee da hae but a romantic love story like from then korean tv series my love from another star and also a movie with miss lee da hae her leading lady in my girl and hotel king.. Lee dong wook can go here in the philippines and im her one her best fan i believe that mr. Lee dong wook will have another korean tv drama series with her leading lady miss lee da hae but a romantic love story like from then korean tv series my love from another star and also a movie with miss lee da hae her leading lady in my girl and hotel king.. Lee dong wook can go here in the pjikippines Anyong dong wook oppa, I really love u because your acting is all out n of course u is one of the handsome man for me. Be easy to yourself, you are loved by so many people all over the world! I'm currently watching My Girl, and I love this show as it is funny and the pace is not boring; Dong-Wook is a terrific actor in this series. his agency needs to find him some script who suit more of his character and pair him up with some of rising female leads it can totally rise up his career, popularity i not a problem to him. You're one of the best actor Korea have,your acting skills are great.drama to comedy and even in reality (Roomate) you never failed to entertain us. By the way, Lee Da hae is the most suitable and perfect partner for you. :)) I'm one of your biggest fan here in the Philippines... Whichever way, though, please don't hurt each other. You are SO great in Hotel King and I thank you for being able to be in Roommate as well even at the same time as the drama. Whether he is playing a rom/com or melodrama, he plays his part perfectly. A lot of actors tend to carry the same expressions no matter the role they play but LDW is so versatile and charismatic. i'm so happy watching the fugitive of joseon because song ji hyo unni and you... i hope in real life that couple will happen kkkkk~ I started watching Scent of a woman on netflix last month (January 2014) you did pretty great.

I almost HOPE a love triangle of "other creatures" is in the plans-I usually dislike the overuse of them but the coffee princely gong yoo as a goblin perhaps in love alongside some other Tolkienesque Dong Wookie critter will definitely be worth my time and exhaustion of my lungs as I think and hope it will be hilarious! Looking forward to see Lee Dong-Wook doing a TV series soon. I believe he has something more to give into that'll showcase his ability as an artist. Saranghe oppa hopefully I can go to south Korea n see u in personal. and please stay in roommate so we can see you every week (my mood booster)! Lee Dong Wook oppa i have one thing to say: Always remember what Lee Deok Hwa had to say about you when he came to visit Roommate. Don't be so hard on yourself and let that cold refreshment of that plate of snow be a wake up call to that head of yours for not being confident in yourself. I think he and the other lead in My Girl are the same lead actor/actress in Hotel King. but having a good drama is what he needs like Hotel King! I look forward to see more of you doing movies/series in the future. Filipino people loves you very much :*** looking forward to see you here in the Philippines or in South Korea when we come to visit :)) i'm soo addicted to you Lee Dong Wook.. hoping that you will do more movies and drama series.. keep up the good wok, more blessings to come and god bless you always.. All the best, stay strong, Lee Dong Wook-shi hi dong wook im ur super addict fan from the PHILIPPINES im so happy u have urnew movie with da hae and i hope ur relationship continous for real and end up together like other korean actors and actress who got married recently... Keep up the great acting and know all your fans and Roommate family are there to cheer you on give you strength. Whatever I watch him in, his character pulls me completely into the story. :) i hope that you and your love team in my girl will couple in real life ..ilove you .i hope you have new drama with Lee Da-hae.never forget the story of My Girl..until now i always watching.song are very nice.perfect couple .your #1 fan from philippine ..always take care..

Lee Dong Wook will be alongside Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun! I hope u and da hae will pair up again in another drama. of course he is older than me but i am still proud of that fact.. keep it up , wish you the best btw i rewatched HK zillion of times and i almost finished watching your old dramas .perfect waiting for your next project , fighting Lee Dong Wook, i love your acting as an actor and i like your personality as a man! Wish you more movies, dramas and commercials in the future. Especially when I learned that u are still living with your mom until now. Hope you could also visit the Philippines soon or if ever I be back to Korea again...I could see you, hahaha! The image that you have given in both films to us is great as a lover. Not only is he handsome, but he is also down-to-earth. During the first few episodes looking serious and calm in your suit I immediately thought repeatedly "You look exactly like Johnny Depp in Finding Neverland! Damn you still take my breath away ♥ visit canada pleaseeee I'm not a Korean but I love watching "Scent of a Woman" in Netflix. =) your fan from Egypt would to say to you " Fighting " ^^ Lee dong wook. I am half korean and to see you represent seoul my mothers city so amazingly makes me so happy.

Granted, K2 is amazing (I imagine Tomorrow With You, which will follow Goblin and has Shin Min A and Signal's young hottie Lee Je Hoon will likewise be great-Tv N is on a major roll! but what better comic relief than an immortal goblin (with perfect abs and chest assuming the goblin is Gong Yoo : P) wanting to end his existence but the angel of death (unless the love story they promoted is goblin dudes, Kim Go Eun) having amnesia... i hope you and lee da hae will be cast in other drama together again,really loves both of you together! i already watched 'my girl' before but recently i watch 'hotel king' u guys look so perfect together, i finished that drama within 2 days and when i re-watch it,it still look cool. His bubbly personality is what makes him more manly. too many similarities made me want to watch more of his drama n movie.. i love hotel king so much, and i started to watch every show and series you are in. My husband will not like it but it's okay", he knows you are my favorite actor so he understands. I watch your new drama series Blade Man and i cant stop laughing. therefore, don't choose bad characters please which can be distroy the image of yours. like you so much Hi Lee Dong Wook :)) I admire you so much!! ) ♥ Hello, We don't get a lot of Kdramas here in Jamaica. But the first one was enough for me to search the Internet for more. I hope that he and Park Bom can really start something lasting. " During your rage scenes I thought instantly to Public Enemies. I love you so much and you are so amazing in so many ways. I love all your dramas and you are by far my number one actor.

I am also a big fan of baseball, i played the sport when i was junior high. i'm now learning korean language in the embassy of korea 사랑해요 오빠 ^________^ i admire you as an actor and your recent stint as a new host in strong heart is a welcome change. your good as a beginner but try to balance a good harmony to all your guests be them as your friends or acquaintance.. All your fans in the Philippines really misses you a lot! On behalf of all your fanatics and admirers, I hope to see you in a new drama or movie soon!! For now, I'm gonna watch your latest movie and will continue to be inspired as a fan because of you! May all the best, loveliest, sweetest, and happiest things and moments come your way always! Always take good care of yourself and your health!!

That led me to watch "Wild Romance" and I must say, the story plots he's involved in are always interesting and really gets me emotionally. It is my first time to watch a Korean drama a laugh from the begin to the end. u r my favorite actor hope u all the best by the way i'm from egypt and becouse of you. You have been very popular here since your tv drama "My Girl" with Lee Da Hae was shown here! Keep up the good work, but I do believe you can do the BEST in every craft you partake. to your military service and we hope to have your "Grand comeback" when you're done with your current endeavor.

They should really acknowledge u, u have a gift to attract attention like in roommates, if I was to ever come to South Korean I would really want to see u. Wookie you are so perfect in Blade man , your fascial expression is priceless and even ur silent is impressive.waiting for your next project but get some rest first we will be always waiting for u Love from the middle east :) This hot stuff is my newest life ruiner. Dong Wook you showed your real character in tv, i liked your sense of humor . I prayed that you will have more korean drama so that i can see you often in tv screen ( my laptop screen ) ( smiling ).

Its 2016 and I am still in love with this total package called Lee Dong Wook who is an amazing actor, killer looks, thorough gentleman and great human being. you must watch episode 8,,, and ooh i also love fell for kang jun because of what happened. ^___^ Lee dong wook gets so incredibly handsome and charming! He is such a talented actor who portrays many different characteristics. You are SO great in Hotel King and I thank you for being able to be in Roommate as well even at the same time as the drama.

Wishing him all success for Goblin as the Sexy grim reaper. Loads of love from India I'm sooo excited for GOBLIN (airs starting in December after The K2 finishes)... I also have same birthday with him bu in a different year.. Good in acting regardless of what role or genres .... I love u best especially in hotel king and my girl ... dear Wookie; i watched HK, BM and i enchanted by your awesome acting .i watched Rommate and i admired your honest are a good actor and a great person. Hi LDW, You are one of the finest actors in Korea and you are my favorite starting from the My Girl days. The way that you are controlling the emotions and feelings in Hotel King is unbelievable and great. I'm so surprising see you in Hotel King with Lee dae Hee again. LOVE YOU DONG WOOK Dong Wook oppa is just such a beautiful person inside and out, you can tell that is his real personality, he never tries to be pretentious and I love that about him, always honest, down to earth, funny, likeable, understanding and approachable (Roommate). He is the only reason I watch "Hotel King", his acting is top class! Doesn't matter what he is wearing he always looks handsome! i really like his tv dramas especially for this, Hotel King and i really like his reality show, Roommate! Keep up the great acting and know all your fans and Roommate family are there to cheer you on give you strength. :) First I saw you in Roommate and now I'm watching you for the first time in Hotel King. I still keep watching Korean drama series in Netflix. i finished watching your drama for this year " The Fugitive of Joseon " , so beautiful one as usual... you are in my heart ^^ hope that your next project is a Romantic , comedy drama !! Annyeongkaseyo my love May Htet Myet Aung @ victoria Hi I am from Myanmar (Burma)I think u are perfect Now I am 14 years old but when I saw u in my girl I still remember the feeling I felt I admire your acting Honestly I watch my girl since I am 11U are my dream boy ! I am not a korean but I eagerly want u to visit our country I am always your fan !

And he should have won the APAN, but an old actor won it. Although I like Blade man so much, I want him drama with better script and promotion, thus he can receive much more credits from media, watchers. They are explosive on screen and just feed so well off each other on screen that I can't get enough. She's cute, oblivious, driven, passionate, and of course loving and self-less. For sure, Lee Dong Wook is my favorite actor (not only asian).

And he should be awarded on MBC awards for his amazing acting in Hotel King!! You'd have to be a moron not to love her and find her utterly cute. The boys seemed to be more so her children than younger brother-like. You would never lose with SSD in your life and SSK must have that in her to convey her so well on screen. Even without this show ending, want them already pegged for another drama together. His acting is so credible, that I believe in every emotion he shows.

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