Law on dating

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The pressures are the same but with less help, advice and awareness available, it may not be as easy for single fathers to obtain support with fears of failing & judgement at the forefront of their minds.

This part of their life does not need to reflect on how good of a dad they are to their kids.

Could it be that as a society we have become so far obsessed with equal opportunities within gender towards women, that we have created somewhat of a parallel paradox against the very issues surrounding men and more specifically single fathers?

The obstacles and issues facing single dads occur because of: So for a father, his abilities as a sole parent or guardian are brought to the fore and judged a lot more harshly than in other circumstances.

More discussion, coverage & news would no doubt help in that.

The legal view – Helen Kay of HMK Legal “Whilst single dads have the same rights as single mums in terms of the legal right to request flexible working, many feel that there is a stigma attached to asking to go part time and that it will irreparably damage their careers.

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