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Rim jobs are in a category above "giving your partner head b/c they gave you head" reciprocation.

BUT MAYBE I'M JUST A BITCH.) Men, are women expected to wax their assholes before you do this?

Come to think of it, I never saw one, just heard about it.

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Do you think there are the same obligations to mutually perform rimming the way there are with regular oral sex?

Using a dental dam to go down on an ass is like bringing a helmet on a roller coaster.She could also have very agreeable and orgasmic anal sex without lube.There's an awkward moment where they're like "are you really doing that" but they don't say it with words — it's half moan half grunt.Man B: I don't think that there are the same obligations to give your partner a rimjob if they give you one.If there was a lot it would be a turn-off and I'd probably just stick to the vag.

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