Kaufman the dating game

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I vividly remember watching a professional wrestling show as a kid when the segment, “Andy Kaufman—the actor-comedian and Intergender Wrestling Champion—had his first wrestling match with a member of his own sex.” In true Kaufman form, the segment descended in chaos.

Lawler eventually slapped him across the face, which unleashed a torrent of expletives and coffee thrown in the direction of the wrestler.

, he broke character and mumbled that he couldn’t play along anymore.

Anarchy ensued during the live broadcast after Michael Richards—one of only two people who were in on the prank—got up and threw a stack of cue cards at him.

Usually played an unnamed character called Foreign Man, who soon evolved into Latka Gravis, the guy from Taxi.

Likes to play with the audience's heads like reading The Great Gatsby instead of performing.

Struggling with writer's block, Kaufman turned the script into an exaggerated account of his struggles with adapting the screenplay.

But Kaufman himself would have probably done it better.

Doesn't like to break character, even when he's not filming.

I’m not quite sure when this aired, but professional comedians were often hired as ringers for the infamous daytime game show of the 1960s / 1970s “The Dating Game.” Here Kaufman does a version of Latka as a contestant who seems clearly puzzled by what’s expected of him. Especially the bachelorette who seems like a parody of a 1970s porn star, even though that may not be her intent.

Three of Kaufman's scripts appear in the Writers Guild of America's list of the 101 greatest movie screenplays ever written.

After high school graduation, Kaufman attended Boston University before transferring to New York University where he studied film.

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