Kaley cuoco is dating

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The breakup came as a surprise to many fans of the actors considering not many people even knew that the onscreen pair was a thing in real life.

While many fans and colleagues speculated that Johnny and Kaley were a pair, the two always denied it. Galecki was also in attendance when she and her hubby said their "I Dos." Come to think of it; he was at BOTH of her weddings!

Kaley was only nineteen when she fell for the singer, and he was thirty.

That's a pretty noticeable age gap in regards to life experience and maturity. This connection that Kaley felt with her ex-husband made the concept of a whirlwind romance much easier for her to digest (the two met through a mutual friend and were engaged only three months later).

Cuoco has had her fair share of flops when it comes to relationships.

She has dated a wide array of men, found herself engaged, then married, then divorced, and now remarried.

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Since they began dating in 2016, Cuoco, a fellow rider and jumper, has popped up at equestrian competitions.Honey; all I want is to be a balloon bouncing, bobbing, and flowing through life together.You are my everything." Cook, the 26-year-old son of Intuit co-founder Scott Cook is a Bay Area native and a professional equestrian who began riding when he was eight years old.Hopefully, for Kaley's sake, her current husband will be the one who sticks around forever.Let's take a look back at all of the men who have tried to land the famous funny gal but let her slip away.

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