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Judith "Judy" Eldridge did not have a particularly easy life.

She was born in 1946 into a working-class family in Massachusetts.

I believe that it potentially belongs to our suspect. We believe that these glasses did not belong to Judith and that they potentially belong to our suspect.”What scenario resulted in Judy’s murder in an isolated area of North Carolina? Was it a stranger, or someone she may have schemed to meet in Asheville?

Unfortunately, North Carolina investigators still have no idea why Judy Smith was killed.

According to Jeff, Judy was to meet him at their hotel at PM: Months went by, but there was no trace of Judy Smith.

The Philadelphia police were just as perplexed as her husband.

Jeff reluctantly agreed and the two met up in Philadelphia later that night.

The next day Judy went sightseeing while Jeff attended his conference.

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We always talked about when I would have kids and looking forward to that day and I guess I just never thought that she wouldn’t be there for that.” No one could understand how Judy ended up so far away from Philadelphia. Four eyewitnesses in Asheville claimed to have seen Judy just days after she vanished.However, when she finally did take the plunge, it seemed like she had finally found domestic bliss.The pair had every reason to expect a long and prosperous life ahead.Forensics confirmed that they were the remains of Judy Smith.Judy’s daughter Amy was in a state of disbelief: “I was shocked.

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