Jonas altberg dating

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Swedish DJ Basshunter, aka 23-year-old Jonas Altberg, had one of the biggest singles of the year with the horrifically catchy Now You’re Gone.

It was No.1 for five weeks but critics condemned him as a twonkish musical cheese merchant.

The Swedish DJ, known as Basshunter, has the condition and told his fellow housemates he found it very embarrassing when he was younger and longed for someone to look up to.

I don’t think my success should change how I look at life.

I’m a one-man show and write and produce the songs myself – so I get a bigger share of the cake. Two and a half years ago I had no income and couldn’t get a job because I’d f****d up in school.

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Jonas Altberg has revealed he wants to be a hero to young sufferers of Tourette’s Syndrome.

he explained: "It's based on me dating a girl who I thought was the one, but it didn't work out. He started to produce music under the stage name "Basshunter" in 2002 with the computer program Fruity Loops, and released his first albums, The Old Shit (2002) and The Bassmachine (2004), through his own website.

I woke up one morning and she was doing something in the kitchen and then came through with a cup of coffee for me. In April 2006, he signed with Warner Music, releasing his first single, Boten Anna.

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