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In advertising you make a commercial and you don’t see the immediate results.But in a restaurant, you put something on the menu and you immediately see whether people like it or not. Right next door to our burger place was a Mexican restaurant, but it wasn’t doing well and it wasn’t serving authentic Mexican food.“It’s a direct parallel,” said Matt Prescott, PETA’s youth outreach coordinator.One of the campaign’s creators, Prescott, 21, said that as a Jew whose relatives died in the Holocaust he finds the analogy neither “off the wall” nor “radical,” but entirely apt.I worked with my brother until we learned about a Mexican family that was moving back to Mexico and wanted to sell their restaurant. Now, you should know that I’m a vegetarian, and my knowledge of doing things in a burger restaurant was very limited. For example, people were telling us the bread on the bottom of our burgers was mushy. and he said you need to put the tomato and lettuce under the meat. Finally I know how my burgers get mushy – I was building them the wrong way! I was the creative director of an ad agency, and Deborah was doing production for the state TV channel, Channel 13 in Mexico.Their restaurant was called the San Diego Burger Company, and it was in a food court in Seaport Village. So when we got the place, I sat for hours in Carls Jr. We discovered that working in a restaurant is very creative work, too.

So I’m a Mexican Jewish vegetarian who makes a living selling pork carnitas! He met my mother-in-law in Mexico on a trip, and they got married after dating for three or four weeks. As I told you, I worked in advertising in Mexico City.The inclusion of any link on this website does not imply that CJP endorses the described event, or the linked-to website or its operator.An emaciated death camp survivor stares blankly alongside a gaunt steer.“During the seven years between 19, 12 million people perished in the Holocaust,” the image declares.“The same number of animals is killed every 4 hours for food in the U. alone.” The poster forms the heart of a new national campaign launched last week by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that compares the Holocaust and the meat industry — and that is ruffling Jewish feathers.

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