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Dude, she’s not cute at all because only has a single eyelid!

There’s no way I’m dating her.” Just sounds kind of crazy to me. Well I think this is one Japanese women’s best assets. The way I know great legs are important is because of how many women show them off regardless of the season.

They all, almost in unison, turned to me and asked if I could tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean faces.

My Gold’s Gym has quite a few women who compete in physique competitions. Once you’ve had some time to train alongside them and talk to them, you get a sense of some of their body insecurities (we ALL have them).

One thing I’ve heard (several times) is women who wish their legs were longer. Beauty can come from a woman’s personality/demeanor, too.

So here’s a list of the most common ones I hear, here list of the Eight Standards of Japanese Beauty: How do we know curly eyelashes are a standard of beauty in Japan? One of these days when you’re on the train you may come across a young lady who decides to have a full-blown makeup session on the train ride to work.

Another thing that I’ve seen (not really a fan, though) is the women wearing the OBVIOUSLY fake eyelashes.

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