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If drafted appropriately, the codicil will be considered a part of the will and read alongside the original document when the estate is probated.Probate codes, which define the drafting requirements for wills and codicils, are written by each state.Cache control - and most of invalidation - is still a discussing issue for the Apollo Client team and the community involved.While participating in one of those issues, I've proposed a way to do field-based cache invalidation. The refresh tokens returned by the get token API are only valid for 24 hours. If you want to invalidate an access or refresh token immediately, use this invalidate token API. As a result, any attempt to invalidate it must meet a high standard of proof to succeed in court.

It may be wise to hire an attorney for a will contest.

Undue influence occurs when a beneficiary impedes the testator's free will through improper influence, such as manipulation or deception.

Fraud, on the other hand, involves a misrepresentation or lie relied upon by the testator when crafting the will.

Since a will document must accurately reflect the intent of the testator, it may be considered defective if the testator is shown to have lacked testamentary capacity at the time he drafted the will, i.e.

was not "of sound mind." In general, a testator has testamentary capacity if, at the time he drafted his will, he understood the nature and value of his property and that he was conveying it to known persons upon his death.

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