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Others may feel that they are on an emotional rollercoaster with the person.Some may sense that they are experiencing toxic, unfair, or disrespectful treatment at times, but can't understand why.First, cases of hostile work environments are extremely subjective and fact-specific.Second, there’s rarely a smoking gun (the bully admitting their wrong-doing).It’s all of our responsibilities to make sure they leave everyday, at a minimum, with their self-respect, dignity, and well-being intact and unscathed by our actions.

The treatment they experience also tends to influence their lives outside of work. Some may feel a vague discomfort at work towards their perpetrator that they cannot recognize.And third, because there’s no smoking gun, the case is proven through the sum of the circumstances.The courts consider all aspects of the situation, including the frequency and severity of the hostile behavior.Employees may dread or fear seeing the individual, not enjoy tasks or activities they liked before, and can even become physically ill from the stress of these actions.Not everyone plays fair and nice at work, so unfortunately, you need to make sure you protect your employees from disrespectful and unfair treatment in the workplace.

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