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WHAT IS ATLANTIS: Atlantis is the name of a great civilization that disappeared 11,500 years ago – in a sudden cataclysm according to Plato.

Although we have many legends and stories from all around the world regarding a flood and a past civilization, no story is as compelling, complete and inspiring than the one Plato wrote…

Next to it the same drawing reversed – the outlines of Europe, Africa and North and South America more clearly seen. I theorise that the name Atlantis, is composed of two parts: Atl which according to some, means water in the Aztec language and Antis or Andes, meaning mountains in the same language, according to the same source.

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The 4th century AD historian Ammianus Marcellinus, relying on a lost work by Timagenes, a historian writing in the 1st century BC, writes that the Druids of Gaul said that part of the inhabitants of Gaul had migrated there from distant islands.Others people came from the south, from what is now Antarctica or Atlantis….If we compared the two groups of American Indians they are in fact quite different: in the south they have very long skulls and aquiline noses, when in the north many have broad skulls and small noses.BLOOD TYPES: After the destruction of their continents, the surviving inhabitants of Atlantis, as well as those who were already there as colons, Plato speaks of the Atlantes as a conqueror race…This breed hada tanned, sallow complexion, straight black hair, brown eyes, proheminent nose and slim build… They were probably in the main of the O blood group…like most of the South American Indian of today Edouard Schuré write in his book “ The great ininiates” speaks of the four ancient races of men, one of them the red one, now disrearded totally – Atlanteans were of the red race.This is one of the reasons of the confusion which is now occuring when paleoindian remains are found.

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