Icelandic dating marriage

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The new “incest prevention” app is a debatably handy new byproduct of a large online genealogical database about the inhabitants of Iceland called Íslendingabók (translated as The Book of Icelanders).

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More than two-thirds of Icelandic babies -- 67% -- are born to parents who are not married.Instead, your surname is your mother or father’s first name, with the word “son” or “dottir” suffixed.So, to use Iceland’s most famous export as an example, all that the surname of Björk Guðmundsdóttir tells us about her heritage is that her mother’s first name was Guðmund.Information which, if exchanged in a bar late at night when Sigur Ros is playing really loudly, may not give many hints as to exact lineage or potential problems at the next family get-together.People are listed in the phone book by their first names in Iceland.

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