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Last summer, I spotted Jessie her first pair of American three-toed woodpeckers, this time slightly the ground on a log—a small improvement from the fowl I’d spotted in Borneo.And in April, according to the birding site e Bird, I recorded the third black-chinned hummingbird to arrive in Albuquerque, a feat I proudly recounted at lab drinks.As we approached the Sandias, Aaron remarked that a recent hike with Selina had gone slower than expected, and I offered my condolences—six years of them now.

“I’m glad he’s a birder,” she said “Aren’t all ornithologists birders? Such ornithologists were a mystifying subspecies; they would finish a day of fieldwork outdoors, often in exotic locations, and then not return to look at the birds for fun. I was lucky not to be dating one of So who are the ideal birding companions? Madi Baumann, who’s married to Matt, a savant of New Mexico birds in his early thirties, verified as much.

You can gaze across the valley for wildlife—merlins, lesser goldfinches, and Cooper’s hawks that dive-bomb packs of clumsy, idiotic doves.

These identifications thrill birdwatchers, and they have taxonomies for fellow birders as well.

On another occasion, she showed me videos of colorful birds doing bizarre, elaborate mating dances—one male in front of a creative lean-to he had built worthy of Andy Goldsworthy, decorated with purple flower petals.

I looked around the house and then at myself, pasty and unremarkable, and pondered my underwhelming bank account as a freelance journalist. She is more straightforward, however, when relieving me of driving duties after I fail to stop for birds.

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