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Courtney showed up ready to tease you with glimpses of her flaw...

Anyone can attempt to have a mature, grown-up relationship, even if they’re relatively young.

It is possible for teenagers and young 20-somethings, as well as fully grown adults, to handle their romantic relationships maturely.

One of the things that our members find surprising, is that they went in search of love, but found dozens of genuine lasting friendships as well.

Plus, couples will let each other know which areas need improvement and which parts of the relationship are satisfying, so that each person can continue or amend certain behaviors.

For example, a woman may want to let her boyfriend know that she would like to spend more time together, but emphasize the fact that he is attentive and affectionate when they're together, which is a positive aspect of the couplehood. Trust is a major element of a relationship and can either make or break the partnership in some instances.

Setting a weekly date night and making sure to stick to it is one way to fit relationship time into an otherwise busy week.

During busy days, call one another to check in, see how things are going and reinforce the fact that you're thinking about each other.

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