Gridview rowupdating keys

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In this tutorial I will show you how you can create an editable Grid View control for administrators to modify database records directly into the Grid View control.Editing the Grid View control can be an incredibly easy feature to add for certain database tables, especially those who have no foreign key associated and can easily be edited through the use of a standard Text Box web control as shown in the figure below: Before we start examining the ASP.This can be achieved by setting the property Allow Client Editing to true without the need to define Template Columns.You just have to double click on a cell to make it editable, edit the values and then change selection to some other row to save the updated values.

By using the Grid View Row object we can find the reference of any control in the row in which user is editing the data.

NET Grid View markup and associated code lets first enumerate the important code pieces of this tutorial.

In the above code, I set two properties Show Edit Button and Show Cancel Button of Command Field.

after filtering) and now the user wants to edit the grid.

It's not possible because there's no other row which can be clicked to change the selection and save changes. For such a scenario, you just have to call the client side update() method of C1Grid View (on a button click) and it'll work.

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