Godfrey gao annie chen dating

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Through investigation, the trio finds out a plumber who once went to the couple’s house. Deeply disturbed, he returns to the couple’s house in order to steal underwear of the woman, but is discovered by her.

In that moment, he decides to kill both, the woman and her husband.

Later on, along with his detective “, a novel written by Qin Ming, real-life forensic doctor.

When asked about the romance rumors, she responded, “I cannot share this.” Rainie’s good friend Ariel Lin was also asked whether the rumors were true.

Ariel said that she did not meet up with Rainie at the backstage and did not discuss this yet with her.

The trio follows the trails and meets his millionaire brother, fatally sick since childhood, and an hospitalized mother.

The murderer is the brother himself, who took off his organs and heart to make a transplant.

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