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Adult frogs also have two prominent yellow or gold dorsolateral folds extending the full length of the body.There is a small white spot in the center of the tympanum, or eardrum. Leopard frogs have long, powerful hind legs and webbed hind feet.They breed in both permanent and temporary bodies of water.These frogs are highly salt-tolerant and sometimes occur in brackish marshes.Class: Amphibia Order: Anura Family: Ranidae 2 to 3 1/2 in. Most breeding takes place in winter and early spring, but leopard frogs may breed at almost any time of year.As with all other frogs, the male calls to attract a female.Interestingly, southern leopard frog eggs will hatch earlier than normal when predators are nearby, which may help increase survival rates of frog offspring. Accelerated hatching of southern leopard frog () predator. My question is .leopard frogs squeeze and kill eachother?

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In North Carolina it occurs throughout the Coastal Plain and most of the Piedmont but is absent from most of the Mountain Region.

The southern leopard frog is not listed as a species under threat or of special concern.

Leopard frogs inhabit a variety of aquatic and wetland habitats, including ponds, lakes, swamps, marshes, ditches and slower streams.

The 2 species can also be distinguished by their calls.

An adult leopard frog’s dorsal coloration is normally brown and/or green, with scattered dark brown, roundish spots.

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