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They are touchy-feely, and this intimacy is amped up to an eleven when it comes to sex.They don’t mind experimenting or even being the loudest one in bed or in the neighborhood.

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But they aren’t just known for their ass and looks; they’re also known for their wild parties. Music, dancing, and partying, not to mention parades and scantily clad women swaying their hips on the streets, are a staple of this event. And hearing meu amor (my love), meu anjo (my angel), minha vida (my life), or o amor da minha vida (the love of my life) can make anyone wet and hard.

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They churn out Victoria’s Secret Models like Wisconsin churns out cheese.

Proportionate facial features, voluptuous lips, gorgeous eyes, etc., Brazilians exude an exotic and ethnic look that is one hundred percent attractive. They work hard for their muscle bodies and they aren’t afraid to groom and maintain their God-given looks.

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