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I was wet all the time....always wanting a good pounding! Why can’t Jackson ever stay inside her long enough for her to climax? My face still only slightly glazed with the semen of the two 18 year old boys who had just ****d my mouth.That day it was late October so I had… Read more Chapter 5 As she sped home with a million conflicting thoughts ping ponging in her brain, Katie was in a near panic. He wouldn’t turn her in after what he just did would he? That guard’s penis was twice as big as Jackson’s at least! My tongue was covered in a film, spit, ball sweat, and cum.It was not unusual for her to walk around the house naked for no reason.He and I always had eyes on each other, very attractive totally out of my lea… Read more It was a warm summer's evening as I stepped into our nice suburban home.We both used to swing as a couple until my hubby aquired a stalker. We were out showing a property one afternoon to two young blackmen (very handsome and built). I was 5 months pregnant at the time and really never changed much physically except for my belly! The silence was deafening but I was still loaded with d**gs and my spirit was limp, my will was flaccid.

He just seemed to step out of the shower and get dried before throwing on some clothes.As I walked in Jenny was laying on the bed in nothing but a little pair of pantie… Read more Jack's Christmas Present (i****t - mother/son, mother/daughters, brother/sister, sisters, lesbian, oral, anal, first, teen, group (FFfm)) Intro Christmas time in the first few years since Virginia's divorce had been fairly difficult.Her husband had ran off with a younger woman leaving Virginia to raise their three c***dren. It was now 2002 and Virginia had managed to fully get over the absence of her other half. When her husband had gone Virginia's son, Jack, was only four years old and quite a handful, charging around like m… Read more Jack's Christmas Present Part 2: New Years Eve Party (i****t - whole family, les, oral, teen, anal, group (MFmmf / (MFFmmff), double/triple pen) It had been a week since a very memorable Christmas for f******n year old Jack.With millions of members worldwide looking to hookup, when you join Find you're joining a vibrant, sexualy open community of like minded folks who basically just want to hookup and fuck!Chat, exchange photos and videos or checkout our two way cams for a cybersex hookup like no other site out there.

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