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She lives closer to me so we can see each other more often as well. But I am thinking if I should let this new girl I met slip through my fingers if I do not ask her out soon. At the very least, she must have some kind of heads up that something isn't right between you two now. so after awhile I told her, despite me thinking otherwise, that I felt that we needed each other right now and I am sorry I rushed to conclusions Another issue is that I met another girl that I am really interested in. Now you're going to have to hurt her all over again. You have to turn that over to her, her family, and her MH professionals. I was very certain to break up until we talked in the phone she sounded like she needed some time to breathe because she kept saying why it had to be at this moment when she was already struggling to get up from her uncle's death and she was really down then. I was really insisting to push through it but she was already in a very disturbed state and if I didn't care about her wellbeing she might've had a mental breakdown or something that is what i'm scared of. No she doesn't if I tell her it would get even messier I think the choice should be to stay or leave with my current partner.But I do not want to hurt anyone and I know I am needed by my previous partner because I know she must be going through a tough time. If she's bipolar there's never going to be a good time. For a normal person, perhaps making a lie is cruel but I wasn't sure in this case Once a person is officially diagnosed and taking medication, they become fully accountable for their behaviors and managing their experiences. What bothers me some is that you haven't mentioned being concerned about the "new" girl and her feelings. I actually broke up with her prior to talking with the "new" girl but the rebound issue made it complicated so technically I never intended to two time Take it easy on yourself.In fact, if you're dating someone who you think will drown if you break up with them, then you're not dating someone who is mature and who you respect. Would you want to date someone who is with you because they pity you and feel sorry for you?Please note: The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

Yes its a tough time for her but you are not her boyfriend anymore. What you are really doing is enabling her to have being bi-polar be an excuse for not managing herself. Your only mistake was going back, and you did that with good intentions even though it wasn't the right move.

I'm sure she has family/friends that can help her as well. What the issue is I did not fully break up with my current partner because she is not emotionally ready. You've started the process apparently, you should just finish it. If you are using the fact that she is bi-polar to dance around the subject and waiting for a better opportunity, you're likely to be doing this dance for a long time. And, if she uses being bi-polar as a tool to manipulate you, that's part of being bi-polar very often. People who are bi-polar do not enjoy being lied to any more than any other person. What bothers me some is that you haven't mentioned being concerned about the "new" girl and her feelings. It's all fixable, but you have to be decisive and do what needs to be done.

She was drowning in her thoughts a lot already the past week and doing this will send her deeper down. At the very least, she must have some kind of heads up that something isn't right between you two now. She should not be treated like a child and you should not string her along. Either you do what's right and end it with the first girl and continue dating the second girl or stop seeing/talking to both girls. If the second girl was so important to you now, you'd have ended it with the first one without so much difficulty.

But I am not hiding anything from her and I am putting my 100% despite my busy schedule draining my mental/emotional energy.

I am just naturally mysterious--it's in my personality no matter how I try to be honest.

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