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“I’m just remembering this now, but what really made me want to do it was, I went into his Vimeo page and I watched all these short videos,” she says.

“And then I also have the hotel silk robe that I wore a few times.” “I didn’t get anything, I gotta go back,” Robinson says.“It’s crazy and inviting and ridiculous and captivating,” Robinson says of “The Greasy Strangler” during an interview at the London West Hollywood Hotel recently.“I thought, ‘Let me see how weird he is with this one,’ and it’s just as weird but not as extreme.” That weirdness and off-beat sense of humor is what both Robinson and co-star Aubrey Plaza say attracted them to “An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn,” which also stars Jemaine Clement and Emile Hirsch.It’s all just a bit askew, more John Waters than Judd Apatow in terms of the director’s comedic interests, which dovetails neatly with Plaza’s sentiment that it reminds her of “Serial Mom,” a Waters movie, which inspired her to act when she was a kid.“It’s got a silliness to it that I think is really refreshing that I just don’t see a lot in movies that are made now,” Plaza says. All the actors are funny, and there’s just a real kind of heart to it.

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