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Does Duarte love her like a hero in one of the photo-comic teenage magazines of her childhood?

And what on earth does it mean when her dementia-suffering grandmother says that Portugals dictator is part of her family story? It probably is, but still you can laugh at most of it.

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It has also been voted as number 4 of the 10 favourite books 2014 of the French financial newspaper Les chos. Then suddenly she finds someone and something different - an inkling of love?

Until the end the reader cant be sure whether she has survived or not.

Her subconscience, however, lives on and scenes of the past start moving before her inner eye, overlapping each other and getting mixed up with events just before the accident.

Guadalajara Airport is around 50 mi from the hotel.

Dulce Maria Cardoso, born in Trs-os-Montes in 1964, is one of the most important literary voices in Portugal.

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