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Equally suited for fans of Daft Punk or Fishtank Ensemble, this is cross-cultural dance music. The hard-to-define “Miracle” features a chattering, near-rapping verse and eclectic instrumentation in its chorus on a background of euphoric electronic swells and beats.“Plume” is an uplifting, melodic treat, while “About You” is slinky with guest vocals from L. More Seratones' new album, Power , is a blast of high-energy roots-rock and doo wop-inflected pop with impeccable, soulful lead vocals and genre-blurring arrangements.“Roller Skate” is a funky but subtle dance song with well-placed horn blasts.“Kick It” is a soulful number that still rides along a club beat, while “Hey Papa” and “King of the World” - the latter is a lovely ode to her son - brings in some Lily Allen-style Caribbean flavor.Like a trusted friend, Love To Know Dating & Relationships is here to help you navigate through those tricky relationship dilemmas.

The arrangements are lush and unique with plenty of nice details.

More Killswitch Engage has remained remarkably consistent throughout the metalcore group’s two-decade long career; including before and after the mainstream success of End of Heartache turned them into one of the heaviest hitters in the metal world, with just one caveat: the ever revolving door between vocalists Howard Jones, who manned the group’s most prominent period, and Jesse Leach, the band’s original singer who returned to replace Jones in 2012.

On Atonement , the two vocalists both appear on the same record for the first time, albeit briefly, as “The Signal Fire” features the two switching up verse duties and (very aggro) duet on the chorus.

More Caravan Palace welcomes you back to their infectious electro-swing with new album, Chronologic .

These are joyful, quirky tracks with hip retro sounds intermixed with house, jazz, and world music elements.

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