Does my computer keep updating shut down

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Microsoft did not immediately response to CNET's request for comment. Win10, released July 28, 2015, does an automatic ‘push’ update on the SECOND Tuesday of the month.One user said the update fails and the PC reboots every single time.Another person tried to manually install the update rather than waiting for Windows to install it but ran into the same glitch.That means, if your computer is left on and connected to the NET overnight, the update will be loaded to your machine.Update completed, you’ll need to enter your PW to access your machine.This policy is clearly designed to try to protect users by making sure all Windows 10 PCs have the latest bug fixes and security patches.The problem, as seen in this case, is that some updates themselves are buggy.

The temporary fix involves deleting certain keys in the Registry to get rid of the bad entry and then letting the update try again.

Those of you skilled and comfortable working with the Registry may be fine attempting this procedure, making sure that you back up the associated Registry keys before you delete them.

Those of you not familiar or comfortable working with the Registry should probably hold off until Microsoft comes out with an official fix.

In the windows updater, it says that it's an "update for windows 7 for x64-systems" (translated word for word from german). This could be because of your "Windows Update" settings.

If it is configured to run frequently (daily), then the available updates downloaded in the temp location and will get installed when you shutting down your machine.

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