Developments in archaeomagnetic dating in britain

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L., Rivero-Montero M., Pavon-Carrasco P., Palencia-Ortas A., Martin-Hernandez F., Gomez-Paccard M., Chauvin A., Guerro-Suarez S., Perez-Fuentes J.

Earth-Prints is an open archive created and maintained by Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia.

Talamo (2006), Santorini eruption radiocarbon dated to 1627–1600 B.

Le Goff (2002), Three millennia of directional variation of the earth’s magnetic field in western Europe as revealed by archaeological artefacts, Phys.

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A robust data set (4 sites, 52 samples) from the S.

In order to provide dating, the paleomagnetic directions were compared to the Holocene paleosecular variation of the geomagnetic field for the Mediterranean region, derived from direct geomagnetic observations and several archeomagnetic-paleomagnetic data sets. Courtillot (2004), Recent eruptive history of Stromboli (Aeolian Islands, Italy) determined from highaccuracy archeomagnetic dating, Geophys. Ages were provided for many lavas from the Neostromboli sequence (including the Labronzo, Nel Cannestrà, and Ginostra flows), indicating that huge effusive activity from lateral fissures fed by an evolving magma chamber occurred in the 6200–8000 years BP time window. The absence of volcanics with ages comprised between the 6th millennium BP and 400 BC implies a puzzling three-millennia "eruption gap" at Stromboli. Italia (1981), Carta Magnetica - Anomalie del Campo magnetico residuo, scale 0,000, S. This digital collection allows users to browse, search and access manuscripts, journal articles, theses, conference materials, books, book-chapters, web products. Please notice that some documents are protected by institutional policy. The goal of our repository is to collect, capture, disseminate and preserve the results of research in the fields of Atmosphere, Cryosphere, Hydrosphere and Solid Earth. Please contact the authors for additional information.

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