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It was a little awkward but I know that I want to be the one to explain it to her first.I don’t want her getting her information from friends or worse the internet.The Dating Passport also includes a photo verification option to guard members against being drawn in by fake dating profile photos.“If you are involved with a Dating Passport Member, you know who they are,” said Nelson.“In the world of online anonymity, The Dating Passport is the only safe dating tool available; it offers continuous protection to prevent the devastation of relationship fraud.

I told her I would believe her and that she can come to me if she ever has any questions about this topic.

I have had a talk with my 8 year old about the birds & the bees but I just told her what I think she needs to know at her age.

I have told her the basics of what pressures may come her way when she gets older and I have explained to her the consequences of her actions if she decides to do them.

An international conference held in Toronto concluded that an Internet identification system is critical to stemming online fraud.

Nelson’s patent pending dating ID system offers the online dating safety solution for millions dating online.

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