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The council also claims public rights of way may be inferred from the making of grants by the Grand Jury for the County of Sligo on dates form 1813 to March 1834 to the owners’ predecessors in title for the purposes of building or repairing the roadways.

(Pic above: Barrier at right of way to 'Burra') The hearing is expected to continue for several weeks yet.

Children will be able to see how people in days gone by lived their lives and it will give them a good insight into how their past relatives spent their days.

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Walsh/Cassidy V Sligo County Council Mr Walsh, a high profile and very wealthy barrister himself, says that the claim to rights of way are designed to "humiliate, embarrass and undermine" everything that had been done on the estate since it was purchased by him and his wife in 2003.This monument is an unusual megalith in that it does not conform to any particular type.Its proximity to the Carrowmore complex suggests an association.It was formed during the Ice-age and has a unique shape.An idilic climbing trail for skilled and amateur climbers is available, where you can experience wonderful scenic views. Yeats wrote a poem about Sligo’s mountain, called, ‘Under Ben Bulben’ .

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