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Firstly, the key is admitting the completely superficial nature of online dating and nailing those photos.

However, once you have hit those perfectly posed and styled images with vibrant and meaningful location and you think you’re going to get out there and smash it…. The profile text although not as important as the photo is also a powerful tool and another essential element of any paid site although of way less importance on swipe sites.

So In this blog, I will show you the rules behind building the perfect profile.

Furthermore, if you are unlucky enough to have friends who are successful online daters it can be more than frustrating and actually a source of real upset jealousy and depression.

Fed up with sending out hundreds of hopeful messages on Eharmony or and being met with minimal response.

Constant online knockbacks are demoralising for anyone and make the whole modern digital dating scene an extremely perplexing place.

Hopefully, this length will also mean more areas will resonate with more readers.

Furthermore, I have made notes on the key structure to be followed.

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