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But we put in a lot of work, like probably four years of playing bars and dives and all kinds of venues. And he kind of had this list of people he wanted involved — and at the top was Jason Flom and Mark Geiger and he got a hold of these guys and they were it seemed like, immediately on board which was a huge honor and quite a shock for us, and for Jason I think it was just, I mean there was no showcase or anything. Garnering way more attention than any of us initially thought.

Sleaze Roxx: That is great that you were able to build a strong following locally, and that’s where the fun stuff starts. And eventually our producers had us go down to Nashville to meet with some people, and that resulted in a management deal which we looked over for quite some time which then initially I think we met Nick Fararra. Sleaze Roxx: So on that topic, here at Sleaze Roxx we talk a lot about this….

We see the lead off single “Highway Tune” blowing up [five consecutive weeks at number one on the active rock charts], and not only is it taking off at rock radio but also with tremendous sharing on social media.

That being said the EP is only available in digital format. Highway Tune (Official Video) Song available here: https://to/Greta Van Fleet Highway Tune YD Connect with Greta Van Fleet: https:// https:// Van Fleet by Ford Fairchild Produced by Christina Cooper For FOCO Creative Music video by Greta Van Fleet performing Highway Tune.

It’s refreshing to see a band that is playing no frills, guitar driven rock n’ roll and making a huge dent in today’s pop oriented cookie cutter main stream.

Sleaze Roxx: In watching/listening to numerous live clips, it is quite apparent that you have a very powerful, yet soulful vocal range.

And at this point, it’s sort of gathering together specific songs that we think are going to be diverse and share a lot of light shade and present a lot of nuances. Writing seems to be a process that’s sort of natural, sort of like a second nature where just today, we were working on something.

Sleaze Roxx caught up with Greta Van Fleet’s lead vocalist and elder twin Josh Kiszka for a candid conversation about his band and the state of rock within the music industry today.

We are particularly excited about this band because of the sheer velocity of success they’re garnering in such a short time.

Sleaze Roxx: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Josh.

There is a much deserved buzz around the band since you released your EP ‘Black Smoke Rising’ this past April.

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