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But your new feelings could be clouding your judgment. Simply take some time getting to know their interests and hobbies and meet them once you feel totally comfortable and ready.

Using safe dating sites should allow you the space to get to know each other online first.

It’s simple – if something feels wrong it probably is. DO tell someone you’re going to meet your internet date There’s no harm in telling a close friend or family member where and when you’re going on your internet date.

If for whatever reason, the person you’re speaking to online is making you feel uneasy, just drop all contact. It just gives others an awareness of your plans and therefore more likely to realize if something feels odd or goes wrong.

Most likely they’ll try to build up a rapport with you first, getting to know you in the same way as other internet daters and then ask you for money once they’ve established an online relationship with you.

DO tell your friends about your online interactions It can be easy to get caught up in a sticky situation online because you’re so personally involved and therefore your judgment is clouded.

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Keep the dos and don'ts of online dating in mind as you search for your special someone.Everyone has different comfort levels for how much they are willing to reveal online, but some basic guidelines can help keep you safe and make it a more rewarding experience.You'll want to focus on not just getting to know people, but also taking action to meet offline.Always keep your bank and account information private.It is also important to always prioritize using safe dating sites which have a good reputation. It’s very rare that people will instantly request money.

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