Dating and signs of impersonal men

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Rekindling the flames of passion is just as important to a relationship as it is to be in each other’s faces all the time.More often than not, it is the man who initiates the need to spend some time apart.Needing space does not necessarily mean that he’s cheating.It could simply mean that he needs some time off to think about stuff.Give him some time off on the condition that he schedules a sit-down talk with you once he has had some time alone.

If you find out that he lied to you, confront him but give him the space that he asks for.

This does not mean giving into his whims of wanting to take time off from you.

It simply means that you are giving your relationship the time that it needs to heal.

Once your guy starts making his own plans and doesn’t confer with you, take it as a clear sign that he needs some space.

When couples are in a happy and healthy relationship, there is usually no question about what is going to happen over the weekend.

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