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However, he was not informed that not all the men were gay, as were the gay contestants.If he chose a gay man as the winner, they both would win a trip, and he would win money.This trainwreck of a show only lasted 1 season, and for good reason, while 32 women for vying for the affections of 3 men, the men's mothers were also living in the house with the female contestants and had a say in who was eliminated, effectively choosing who their son should date. pits teams of super attractive women against nerdy men, creating the ultimate "social experiment," to find out if the two can learn from one another, and also make money in the process.was even more famous for the insensitive remarks made by one of the mothers, Khalood Bojanowsk, a 50 year old Iraqi-Catholic woman who, in the premiere, stated that she can't have her son dating "a black one; I can't have an Asian one; I can't have a fat-butt girl." She also stated, "Nooo! The show wasn't specifically about dating, but that didn't mean that kisses weren't exchanged!Whether it was the concept or controversial incidents that happened on the shows, some of these "gems" were forgotten for a reason, and quite frankly probably shouldn't have existed in the first place. Let's see how many of these awful dating shows are buried in the recesses of your mind! The premise seems to mean well: men and women interact and date each other inside a dark room before choosing which of the group they would like to see revealed.During the reveal, they must stay silent, and then decide if they want to pursue a relationship or not by waiting for one another on the balcony or exiting the house.Is this an old film technique, and if so, what is it called?Specifically, awful dating shows were something we had a plethora of that just never seemed to stick around for long.

This led to a question about how darkrooms work, much to the horror of older viewers, for whom this process used to be the only way photographs could be created.

Those kinds of numbers also suggest the popularity is across the board, with everyone from ages 13 to 93 tuning in to see the latest exploits of the kids in Hawkins, Indiana.

But that age difference can sometimes lead to confusion, as these tweets about the darkroom in show.

But the series is set in the early 1980s, decades before smartphones put a camera in every single pocket, with the ability to process photos in nanoseconds.

Jonathan's shutterbug habit means he carries around an extra piece of equipment with him at all times.

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