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genre develops out of the integration of attachment and sexual desire (as well as the reward system) in romantic love.

The romantic story prototype forms around two people falling in love, but finding their union prevented by society (commonly intensified by making the blocking figures loved ones, such as parents).

(In a similar way, our diagnostic categories are typically more valuable in categorizing illnesses than are the diagnostic categories to which a person’s illness was assigned by his or her contemporaries.) For example, in —in relation to cross-cultural story genres.

Such an analysis suggests conclusions about Shakespeare’s story style and about the thematic resonances of the work, both ethico-political and psychological.

Second, “unrelated” means that the traditions have distinct origins and have not influenced one another extensively. Stories are not confined to the cross-cultural genres.

Thus, English and Twentieth-Century Chinese literatures are related; evidence for cross-cultural patterns would have to draw on Chinese and European works prior to the period of modern, European colonialism. On the other hand, as already noted, the cross-cultural genres tend to be particularly salient and prominent; traditions appear more likely to differ in recurring patterns of particularization than in the main genres themselves.(deviation from a prototype).

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Particular literary works figure in the study of literary universals principally as data from which researchers may abstract cross-cultural principles.

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