Cupid dating website uk

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Lucky for me, my employment taught me very well on what and what is not real and genuine.I don’t understand why this company along with other dating sites are not investigated for their deceptive practices.By joining uk you could be embarking on a whirlwind adventure of fun, romance and love.

I’ve come to the conclusion that they want pictures of you to create fake profiles to lure other people.

It was pure chance I noticed it today when I checked my transaction records. I signed for the 3 day trial and they wanted to charge me more.

I have contacted customer service for a full refund and they refuse to do anything other than a free month membership despite the fact that I NEVER gave them permission to bill me for a site I have literally never gone to until today to contact their customer service department. I was cautious to do it with a card that had limited funds. The profile cancellation process takes you nowhere unless you engage giving them even more info. I used other sites and this is the worst I've ever seen. They do not speak clear English whenever you’re having a problem regarding your money!

I don't believe there were any other real people, other than me. My bank notified me when the company made an attempt to take out more than I had authorized and shut down my credit card.

The company does not allow you to cancel billing online. You end up talking to a customer service rep who has a language barrier.

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