Crimes linked to internet dating worldwide

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Its members exchange information on mass marketing fraud and on strategies to prevent it.

Whitty is the only academic representative and has presented her work to the group on several occasions.

Support for victims from family, friends and law enforcement officers was often lacking, the blame attached to the victim being a contributory factor (4); g.

Victims were inclined to transfer their affections from the criminal to law enforcement officers with important implications for police practice (3, 6); h.

Metropolitan Police Operation Podium (2012-2013): A criminal residing in the UK was brought to trial and eventually pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud by misrepresentation.

Some 62 victims were identified (including 18 women willing to assist police with prosecution), from America, Canada and Trinidad and Tobago.

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Professor Monica Whitty (University of Leicester from December 2010) was the Principal Investigator on two ESRC projects. Buchanan (University of Westminster) was the co-investigator.The judge's sentencing decision was informed by Whitty's report.Whitty collaborated with SOCA in preparing victims appearing in a dating scam court case in Ghana.The first project included both quantitative and qualitative studies, involving the surveying and interviewing of victims and conducting an analysis of their online accounts. The development of a model used to explain the stages and persuasive techniques employed by criminals, which has important implications for prevention of this crime (1); b.The type of profile criminals created in order to attract victims had important implications for prevention of this crime (1,2); c.

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