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At first it was unbelievable but many thought it wouldn’t last long, but it did.Episode after episode they grew closer and we still couldn’t wrap our heads around it.Laurel Stucky has been a dominating player, who very few men and women can compete against successfully.Her tough exterior and tough personality was intimidating and absolutely no one expected her to be involved in a fling and take her focus from the game, but she did, and most shockingly with none other than Jordan Wiseley.This then resulted in one of the most insane fights on in 2013, it seemed he had grown out of his womanizing ways (mostly because of Diem) and then he hooked up with Anastasia, even though he wanted to work things out with Diem, and fans had flashbacks of the notorious CT from seasons past.With Challenge season 30 coming around the corner, I’ve decided that we should air out some dirty laundry for the “Dirty 30”.The relationship was surprising, but maybe most shocking of it all was it continued past filming, and in the end, it was Cohutta who seemingly out of the blue broke up with Nany and broke her heart, which they talked about on 6 When Jonna Mannion and Zach Nichols hooked up, no one was surprised.

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It seems after a nasty breakup with Zach, however, Jonna just wanted to get his attention on After Zach began something with Jenna Compono, Jenna and her irritated ex Jay decided to have a heavy makeout session of their own.

Two things about this — Zach and Jenna were the clear winners here and couldn’t have cared less what their exes were doing and audiences still can’t figure out how Jay keeps landing these women who are so very far out of his league.

Later that night Nany hooked up with alum Johnny Reilly, and did not hide it.

In clear view of the cameras, the two got it on under a blanket.

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