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Meanwhile, in the present study, the sharks can move to adjacent zones through shallow waters and avoid large predators. First, the increased shark activity observed during the dusk and night periods, combined with the transmission delay of the ultrasonic transmitters especially after the first month.Second, environmental noise produced sound overlapping that prevented the detection of the entire ping sequence.The size of the shark, habitat or purpose of the study, are points to consider at the time of choosing the kind of tagging Thorstad et al. On the other hand, tag size mm could cause swimming drag, mainly due to the wide surface where they can embed algae, polychaetes or barnacles Dicken et al.



Even so, the displacement recorded in the shark for 24 h was more than double the 5.The KUD estimations tagged sharks showed two core zones, one in front of the river mouth and another one north of the mouth Fig.A similar pattern was observed for three of the four sharks with a larger number of detections in active tracking, which showed lower a home range KUD in the night period than during the day.Tag retention depends on several factors such as the anchoring method, size, and location of the tag or species studied Broadhurst et al.In the present study, the anchoring designed for the external placement of the ultrasonic transmitter showed higher retention than studies using PSAT tags pop-up satellite archival tag Musyl et al.

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