Can you go to jail for dating a minor

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The law considers sexual contact to occur when you intentionally touch the intimate parts of the victim, even if it is through her clothing.Similarly, it is sexual contact if the victim touches your intimate parts directly or through clothing that is covering them.Relocation requires registration with your local State Patrol office within ten days of the move and reporting where you are living, working, and where you are attending school.If you live in another state and work or go to school in Nebraska, you will have to register with the closest State Patrol office to your job or school.

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If you did not cause physical injury to the child during the assault, then it is considered to be third degree sexual assault.

Young people may want to grow up fast and be adults, but they are not.

When a sexual assault of a minor occurs, the Courts will come down quite hard on you for a sexual assault of a minor conviction.

You will be charged with second-degree sexual assault of a minor if you hurt the child in any way during the assault.

This can mean physical injury to the body (including sexual organs) or mental injury that causes anguish or trauma.

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