Brian mcfadden dating vogue

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I think what has helped me massively is his current girlfriend Danielle Parkinson."She's lovely, whereas his exes wouldn't give me the time of day, even though I'm the mother of his children.

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After heading back to the UK, Brian married Irish model Vogue Williams in 2012."When you're in a relationship with somebody, you have got to respect their wishes which obviously Brian has respected exes Vogue and Delta's (Goodrem) wishes, whereas now his girlfriend is so understanding and totally gets it.Kerry, 38, hint that there is still a mutual resentment between her and Vogue, and that her kids have nothing to do with her.We like nothing better than just staying in and spending time together as a couple when we’re not working.“You can be in love with someone but if you can’t be friends with them, it’s kind of pointless. Everything that I wanted is sort of gone.“I wanted to be married and I wanted to have kids for so long and now that’s sort of gone, and I’m like, ‘What do I do now?We make each other laugh, especially after we’ve had a silly row about something.”After the split Vogue made a heartbreaking confession that she had “wanted kids for so long” and was struggling after the break-up. ’”However Vogue is now happily married with a child, Theodore, who was born in September last year, four days after his due date.

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