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With the surge in sales of smartphones and other mobile connected devices over the last few years, along with the increased coverage of mobile internet connections, Brazilian cellphone users have become much more inclined to send messages through over-the-top applications, and therefore save money that would otherwise be spent on SMS.The usage of mobile internet for messaging allowed services like Facebook to expand their reach to mobile device users and also for messaging apps like Whats App to have an explosive reception by the Brazilian audience.Due to this nature of group messaging, Brazilian Whats App users also send message chains and retransmit internet memes, usages previously reserved for email and social networks.The widespread adoption of Whats App by Brazilian smartphone owners led to interesting usages of the service, such as the ways Brazilian companies implemented the platform to its operations.In February, Whats App representatives reported that their Brazilian user base accounted for 38 million, a number that jumped to 45 million in two months, according to their data from April.Considering recent research by market intelligence provider Nielsen, Whats App is the most popular smartphone app in Brazil and is present on close to 70% of mobile phones in the country.I know, invasion of privacy and all, but inquiring minds wanted to know.I then went over to her Facebook and also opened the Facebook Messenger app.

Brazil currently holds one of the largest and fastest growing user bases for Whats App in the world.

These include companies which started using Whats App as an alternative way to contact and book deliveries and services, as well as for publicity campaigns, internal communications, customer support and news reports.

Politicians, such as re-elected Brazilian president Dilma Roussef, rival candidate Aécio Neves and many others have also used Whats App for campaign purposes.

Brazil is the country, for example, where Orkut, one of the earliest examples of online social networks in the world, reached massive penetration, and also the market where messaging services like MSN Messenger found one of its largest audiences.

Brazilian cellphone users, however, have not been historically known for their intense usage of messaging services, especially when compared to countries like the United States and The United Kingdom where SMS messaging is a much more widely adopted practice.

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