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If they are not very highly educated, avoid enquiring about husbands or wives as they may not be married.Instead ask if they have children (when enquiring about someone’s age, the Batswana will always refer to the year they were born rather than the number of years which have passed since they were born so be prepared for some quick mathematical calculations).You can’t discuss your personal relationships with a person you have just met; they will wonder about your upbringing.And issues of sexual orientation are taboo; you don’t discuss them openly except with someone you trust. If you want to make a joke, make sure it won’t offend your listeners. It is important to understand that the Batswana are a reticent and generally shy people. It would be extremely helpful to learn the most common spoken greeting: "Dumela Ma" to a woman and "Dumela Ra" to a man.This rule is similar for contact between men and women.

In other places you can greet another person by shaking hands.Some gestures that are considered rude (middle finger erect, waiving a pointed index finger, pointing at someone).When a Motswana (singular of Batswana) does not understand the language that is being spoken, he or she will use hand gestures to communicate.A public display of anger is common but is not acceptable, although people tend to show their anger anyway.Work styles and pace differ between workplaces but it is important to be clean and punctual.

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