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You can almost hear the Champagne corks popping on the super-yachts and see the oligarchs firing up their Lamborghinis.

I just wanted to thank you for your great matchmaking. I'm finally dating the kind of man I've always dreamed of meeting. It’s all too easy to envy rich divorcées like Jerry (though, technically, her and Jagger’s 1990 Balinese wedding ceremony was declared unlawful by the High Court).“You’re in a bubble - and you can’t go down to the pub without being papped, or snapped in a selfie.” Molloy, a vicacious blonde of 46, is speaking to me from Cannes, where her agency has a 'key’ office.I am currently seeing someone from the club on a more permanent basis. She has her eye on a huge Tiffany ring so you just never know! Have been on dating website for so long I was sick of it. After investigating several options, I chose Billionaire Club in Sydney and I’m very glad that I did.I had a free consultation at their Kent Street office. I slipped into their office after work and had a free, no obligation consultation.

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