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You will also need to identify the hang tag to see which generation of Beanie it is.

The toys were made in "generations" and the first generation will be more valuable than the ones that follow.

This is a charming and engaging story of a Catholic family living in Denver during World War II.

The Malones - Beany (13), Johnny (15), Mary Fred (16) and Elizabeth (19) lost their mother several years before the story begins.

Hang tag covers can keep the tags in pristine condition, while displaying them in a glass front case out of direct sunlight will keep them bright and fresh.

They should not be played with if you plan to keep them or sell them as collectible items.

Whether you have found one for pennies at a thrift shop or you are wondering if your 1990s collection is still worth anything, there are ways to find out.

When the Beanie Baby craze was at full swing it was not unusual for a particularly popular Beanie to sell for hundreds of dollars.

It may take longer to sell through a Beanie Baby auction house or a website for collectors but the higher price you get will be worth it. A price guide should be no more than two years old in most cases for you to get the more accurate evaluation.

Their father, Martie, is a respected newspaperman whose column is often assigned reading in the local schools. Malone is a loving father who frankly explains to his children that he's glad he doesn't have the means to spoil them, as he knows it's better for them to take initiative and responsibility for themselves.

This first story focuses on Mary Fred and her adventures as a high school junior and the owner of a new horse. Malone is called away to Hawaii for several months, their grandmother Nonna, a fashionable interior-decorator, arrives with lots of nice things for the children..her own ideas about how the family should live.

Mary Fred, Johnny and Beany all want to earn money for some pet projects, as so they decide to share the chores of cooking and cleaning rather than hire a new maid when "Mrs. Meanwhile, the most popular boy in school takes a sudden interest in Mary Fred.

When Father sends three orphan children for the Malones to care for and Nonna wants to send them to an orphanage, some important decisions have to be made.

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