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So I arrived in Vienna and I was told that the flight had left already and that the next one was in the next morning when I was supposed to go back to work.

| It has been the most terrible journey in my entire life.

Luggage delivery was quick too, on both portraits the luggage was already waiting for passengers (probably due to the passport control that took some time). The touch screen was sensitive but I found the movie selection limited. Beverage service was frequent and attendants professional and friendly. Flight delayed for more than 4h, lost connection for next the flight, and finally lost luggage. The snack on our return included half a sandwich with practically nothing inside!

What I did miss is not able to purchase wifi on this Boeing 767. My flight was routine that got me from point A to B on time. On the top of extremely bad service is that nobody cares! I'm happy to share that I had a great experience with Austrian Airlines. The crews were very friendly except for a rude Steward on our return. He also missed the drink service to the two passengers in front of us. We were very impressed by an air hostess called Maria who was delightful.

The posts, a selection of which have been published online, were first leaked earlier this month to weekly Viennese newspaper ), soon before elections for the national Austrian University Students’ Union took place.

“I was shocked that the [Conservative student party] barely incurred any loses in the elections as a result of this,” said Hess, noting that the party holds some 30% of the union’s seats. Some were already in office or had formerly held office, but some were running for election — and a few won.” He said the law school has no avenues to take disciplinary action against students involved, but that JÖH was “pursuing cooperation with [the school] to make sure such incidents do not happen again, and working with the [Conservative student] party to make sure all people who did something questionable are removed from their positions.” On May 16, JÖH held a demonstration in front of the law school to raise awareness about antisemitism, and attracted some 200 supporters.

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